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Thank you all for your support! As of June 2014, 8AppStudio has successfully sold 10 of its most successful Apps and we are now moving on to other projects. Again, thank you!


8AppStudio operates in a virtual mobile App development universe that we created from scratch  :-)

We provide every aspect of mobile application development from concept development and project management to app pricing strategies and creative design and marketing techniques.

The 8AppStudio universe will create your new Mobile App at a lower cost to you than the usual developer channels. As we move forward, you might wonder how we can develop mobile Apps at the rates we charge. Just factor in one of the key reasons which is our lower than usual overhead (being based in the Philippines), it’s more cost effective to operate than anywhere else. The quality of our developmental staff is considerable as well. All staff are required to have credentials that show a minimum 4 year degree¬†in Information Technology or a similar technical & computer related subject at a reputable college just to qualify for a training position in the 8AppStudio universe.

So, a quality mobile App at a reasonable price is in your future….

And out in the other universe, when you get a Mobile App developed, it is only going to be for 1 platform meaning it will work with iPhones and iPads or it will work with Android. In the 8AppStudio universe, we will not only create your new Mobile App to work with iPhone & iPad but it will also work with Android devices as well as the popular Amazon Kindle and Nook.

Add the above to the fact that 8AppStudio is headed by a business leader with over 15 years of internet publishing and software development experience and you might agree that we have a fine complement of quality staff to see your mobile App project through to a quality completion.

Whether your mobile App idea is a free app with in-app purchase options or a paid app developed for iPhone/iPad/Android/Kindle/Nook, we invite you to our universe where we work with you to create the best possible mobile app to serve your purpose.

We’ll even help you to launch your App into the Apple, Google Play & Amazon App Stores.

Fill out a quick APP DEVELOPMENT QUOTE and receive a FREE ONE-HOUR consultation to discuss your Mobile Application today!

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